Monday, March 22, 2010

Ty's 13th Birthday Party

Ty had a 13th birthday party and the 7th and 8th graders from ILS came to celebrate. Everyone had a great time! They spent some time on the bounce house, wrestled and played basketball.

Happy 13th birthday Ty!!! We love you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sheep Brains

This week in my anatomy and phisiology lab we disected sheep, I pocketed one to bring home for the boys to see. Drew was all into it and kept asking when we got to "defect" the brains.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jelly Bellys...well, not quite

I bought a game for the boys while I was in Chicago. It's a Jelly Belly game and you spin to see which bean you eat - you either get a real Jelly Belly or a really nasty one. The boys talked me into trying it and on the third try I ate a rotten egg - and then I was done!

They had a good time and surprisingly continued to eat them!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drew and his craziness

Ty's favorite line for Drew is "you are so random". I love it! He always has us laughing! He begged for this skeleton at walmart, so I bought it as a decoration for the house. Drew had other ideas in mind...he named him "Chuck" and slept with him.

Drew came home from kind. the other day with this picture. He was excited to show me what he had alligator, eating a tree...oh yea - and he's pooping on tiny people. Nice!

Neighbor's halloween party

Headed to the neighbor's for their annual party- Grant and Ty usually fill up their plates then go home - not many kids their age...Drew likes to hang out and spent some time this party on the swing creeping everyone out with his scary baby mask.

Drew's first field trip as a kindergartener

Drew had his first field trip of the year...we went to an apple orchard. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of fun things to do.

Drew and Mrs. Dolak

Drew's first bus ride...don't u love the outerwear. He insisted on hat, scarf and gloves but no coat - you know me...whatever.

Drew and his teacher Mrs. Cross...we love her!!

Grant's 14!!

Trying to catch up on a bunch of old posts...September 13 my baby turned 14!! How did that happen?! Ty & Drew decorated a poster and blew up some balloons and Drew decorated the cake - The boys always want the chocolate cake with homemade icing (made out of crisco - real low fat!) on their bday.
Happy Birthday Grant!!

The cake - some little people, a spider-like guy, a littlest pet shop, a dinosaur, a soccer ball and a coke lid...he had a whole story going on. Luckily Grant's laid back and found humor in it!