Monday, September 22, 2008

Visit with Kyle and Stacey and my parents

This past Saturday we buzzed up to Bloomington/Normal and had a visit with my parents and our friends, Kyle and Stacey. It was the first time we'd seen their little man, Beckett. They just moved back from London and we hadn't seen them in quite a while. It was great catching up!

Eric and Beckett

Stacey and I with the little man

Drew and Eden were so funny. They really hit it off!

The whole gang.

Random Drew picts

The big boys love taking pictures of Drew when he's being silly or dressing up. Here are some that they've taken...

Ty and I were working on a project for school and to keep Drew busy we gave him some clay and toothpicks. This was his creation - which of course he is pretending to stab himself with - like I said, he's very dramatic in his play!

Harry Potter

Can't explain this one

Harry Potter again...He loves getting Ty's glasses.

Batman mask, spiderman snow boots and Spongebob undies.

Rock Star

Another Rock star

Friday, September 12, 2008

Election Day

Today was election day at Immanuel. Grant and Ty each ran for class representative for student council. They each designed a postcard in photoshop to hand out along with their candy. We decided to use all our forces and made Drew a shirt and he handed out candy also (He loved to do these types of things with the boys). Congratulations to Grant and Ty as they were both nominated for class representative.

Ty's postcard, he handed out 'whipps' candy bars.

Grant's postcard, he handed out 'Crunch' bars.

Ty's poster

Grant's poster

Little man with his shirt. Front and back said "Vote for my brothers" and he handed out suckers and told everyone to vote for his brothers.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun with a bounce house

We borrowed this bounce house and the boys have had such a great time on it. Of course they don't just bounce nice and easy, they fling themselves off the top and do crazy stunts.

Drew doing his 'hulk smash'.

Ice cream social

The boys and I went up to the ice cream social at school last Friday. They had fun running around with their friends playing basketball and football. I love the boys' school! Everyone is so nice and I really think they are in great hands all day!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drew's first day of school

Drew started school last week. He did great the first day. He's adjusting pretty well. Some days it's just harder to leave mom than others. He is making some friends - he talks about Brandon and Tyler. Eric spends half of his time working at the Y Drew is in preschool at and his office is right outside Drew's classroom, so he gets to wave to Papa every now and then.

Drew heading into his classroom.

Grant and Ty with the new school uniforms.