Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween party

Last night we went to the neighbor's annual halloween party and we dressed up as Dog the bounty hunter, his wife and kids...oh yea, hulk too!

Dog and Beth

Duane Jr. and Leland...they don't actually carry guns, but there don't make fake cans of pepper spray, so we improvised with the guns.
Hulk - Drew painted his own legs (because mama's nails were too long to do it) and I looked over and he had coated the bottom of his feet with green paint.

Patrick and Beth were redneck and white trash

Stephanie and Brandon and Cathy and Brian were Palin and McCain

Dan and Kimber were the neighbors Jen and Brian

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grant is Student of the Month

Grant was sick last week during chapel and the next morning on our way to school Ty told him his name was called for some kind of an award. The award ended up being the "Student Leadership Award". I am very proud of my boys and hope they continue the hard work. This first report card was all A's for both of them. Way to go boys!!!

Drew's first field trip

Drew had his first field trip ever this past Friday. We went to the local pumpkin patch. He was very excited and kept asking 'how many more sleeps' until the field trip. There was a petting zoo, he rode a train, went down a couple slides, sat on a tractor and was able to pick out a pumpkin. He decorated his pumpkin with a marker and named him "Charlie". He also named our big pumpkin "Infernator" - he kept making me repeat it...that's the only reason I remeber it! (What can I say, this coming from the child who insisted we name the cat "Poopscotch".) Such a character!

Life is Good

Eric's Y was in charge of the races for the "Life is Good" festival downtown St. Charles, so the boys and I went to help out. Grant and Ty helped Eric with the races then we spend several hours at the festival with Laurie and her boys. A couple of guys created the "Life is Good" stickers, shirts, etc. that are all over, but they have taken it a step further and created "Project Joy" which brings play therapy to children who have been traumatized. All the proceeds for this day, even though most of the events were free, went to Project Joy.

This picture was taken after the boys were done with the festival. They decided to go down to the river and see how far out they could go on the rocks.

The boys on the caboose

Meeting Ronald McDonald. Drew's favorite thing from the day was a signed picture of Ronald.

Ty and Kenny doing an obstacle course race

Drew asked for a ghost ballon and Joey wanted a light saber.

Ty got a ray gun

Grant got a shark hat

Playing by the Lewis and Clark statue at Frontier Park

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spelling Bee

Yesterday was Immanuel's annual spelling bee, and for the second year in a row, Grant and Ty were both chosen to participate. The teachers in grades 4-8 choose a few students in each class to represent their class. Ty made it to the top four and Grant took second place. Great job boys!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Strength Team

Tonight I took my boys, two of Dawn's boys and a neighbor to watch the Strength Team at a local church. I saw an advertisement in the paper for free entertainment and thought it looked like something the boys would enjoy. A photo that we didn't get...they would shake up a can of Diet 7up and rip it in half and it sprayed everywhere. We were in the front row so we got pretty wet, but the boys loved it. There was a good message along with the entertainment.

Bending bars with their teeth, head, and legs.

This guy ripped 5 St. Louis phone books in 30 seconds.

This guy ripped a license plate using his teeth.

A frying pan rolled up like a burrito.

This guy broke a bat under his hamstring and behind his back.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New uses for the bounce house

Mom, you may not want to look at these photos. You'd be in full panic mode if you saw them flipping this thing..don't worry, they are fine!

Dawn brought my boys home from school yesterday and her boys stayed to play for a bit. They had a great time tipping the bounce house over and climbing on top.

Drew in action...

I walked around the corner this morning to this...

Drew watching you tube...scroll down to see what he was watching.

Drew was really into this video about...HACKING A BIKE LOCK??????

Ty's friend at school gave him a master lock but wouldn't give him the combination, so Ty brought it home and looked up how to open a master lock. Drew found it fascinating for some reason and decided to sit and watch the videos! Ty did get the lock open...scary!

Drew got a hold of my paper towel roll and decided to use it for something else. When I asked him what it was he said "a pencil sharpener".

New Town

The boys and I went with Angie and her kiddos and Laurie and her kiddos to New Town to snap some picts. They had a big festival going on there and there were lots of free things for the kids to do.

Shot of us...wasn't the best day for photos. Guess there were too many other fun things going on there to sit still for a picture. Laurie did take some, so we'll see if any of those turned out.

My boys.

All the kids with a giant shopping cart.

Drew loved this little guy.

Angie and I.

Ty's Band night at Lutheran High

The boys and I headed to Lutheran High last friday to watch the band. Ty and some of his buds are in band and they had fun playing with all the other Lutheran schools in the area for the football game. My friend, Angie, met up with me there and her daughter Livia stayed with the boys and I while she and her son Lucas went to the Cardinals game. After the game, the big boys stayed to attend a jr. high dance at Lutheran High.

Livia took this picture of us. (Ty was playing at the time.)

Ty with the symbols.

The band.