Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun filled weekend with Rudy & Greders

Drew was chosen at school to bring home "Rainforest Rudy" for the weekend. They are to document Rudy's adventures for the weekend and bring him back on Monday. Rudy had a very busy weekend at our house! Greders came into town with all their kiddos also.

We went shopping at West County mall with the girls, met up with the guys for dinner at California pizza kitchen then headed over to the Blues hockey game. Sunday Lisa and I took all the kids to America's Incredible Pizza place while Jeff and Eric went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football.

Here's Drew, Lucy and Lisa with Rudy.

Rudy and Drew at the Blues Game

Grant and Lucy

Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in West County Mall

Grant, Zach and Ty at the Blues game

"The boys"

Drew and I raced against Tori and Luke and Emily and Nate on the go carts....Drew and I won (must have been because we were in the "Cat" car) Drew received a ribbon for first place and was very excited.

Nick, Ty, Zach and Grant racing

The whole cant' really tell, but Lisa and I had 10 kids in the van!