Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Newest Costume

The costume for the day is Indiana Jones. Drew's running around in underwear, a vest and hat today. Too funny.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More favorite photos from Vietnam

These are some photos from my Vietnam trip that I just loved. The first one was take in Pizza Hut. I remember really missing my boys and these little guys come in climbing all over the furniture. It was fun to watch them and think about our boys back at home.
The second photo...well, just enlarge it and I won't need to explain. Pay attention to the basket on the front of the bike!!!
The third, possibly my favorite picture taken in Vietnam (excluding the ones of Lucy). I just love that one.
The other two were just pictures that I liked. I would like to eventually make a book of our trip to Vietnam. There's certainly no shortage of photos to go in it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on the wildlife

Ok, the baby pool is getting full quickly! There are now over 50 tadpoles, there are 3 crawdads, 4 frogs, some minnows and a baby snapping turtle. The boys are having a ball. They had some friends over last night and there was a mad dash to the creek to see what they could catch. We've been giving them fish food and I keep telling them we can't keep them forever, but they don't want to give them up yet. We did disect a dead tadpole yesterday and they thought it was cool and gross all at the same time.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Dogs

No, not ours! We don't do dogs, can't seem to train them for anything! My friend, Laurie, brought their new dogs over today and the boys just adored them. Drew was a little afraid, but enjoyed them when they were sleeping. Their names are Indy & Ollie.

The Pool

Only at our house would you walk out on the deck and see an inflatable pool with tadpoles and frogs swimming around. The boys, Maddie, and Kenny went down to the creek today and brought back some tadpoles (they actually caught 7 of them!) - it's kind of neat because some of them have back legs and some don't. I guess we'll return them to the creek tomorrow. We already let the frog go.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! The boys made Eric a plate for Father's day. Grant wrote a sentence, Ty wrote a sentence and Drew drew the happy face in the middle. When it came time to sign their names on the back, Drew had a hard time writing a "D" on the curved surface so he kept starting over. It was cute to see all the "D"'s on the back of the plate. No pictures of Eric that morning - as soon as he got downstairs we dove into the pancakes and bacon.
Also, Happy Father's Day to our dads...

The Rascals Game

Last Tuesday our family and Dawn and two of her boys went to the Rascals game. The boys sat through some of the game, but decided they would have more fun digging through the trash. They initially were looking for coke and pepsi points, but found there were lots of great things in the trash...those clapper tubes, American's amazing what some people throw out! Anyway, they had a lot of fun and on the way out Dawn had her arm so far into the recycling bin that Eric had to say "I can't take you anywhere!" It's nice to have some friends as laid back as you are!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dawn..

Some girls from school/church went out to celebrate Dawn's birthday last night. Melanie, Lisa, Dawn, Buffy and I all went out for dinner and went to see Sex in the City. It was a nice girls night out. Dawn's husband was at the firehouse and couldn't celebrate with her, but he called ahead and paid for our dinner and movie! Thanks Dave!

Caterpillar Pictures

Turkey Festival/Caterpillar family day

This past weekend we had a fun filled weekend with our families. Friday and Saturday we went to the Tremont Turkey Festival with Eric's family. The boys love hanging out with their cousins. We went on rides, hung out in the petting zoo and of course, ate turkey sandwiches. Then on Saturday afternoon we spent a couple minutes with Eric's grandparents and then headed to Pontiac for Caterpillar family day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Six Flags

Laurie bought season passes to Six Flags and had 'get a friend in free' coupon for all of us to go, so we packed a cooler and headed south. We rode some roller coasters and spent a lot of time in the water park. Drew's favorite ride was the Raging River and was just amazed with Batman. He would get so excited each time he saw a new character walking around. The big kids had a great time going down water slides and riding roller coasters. Grant's favorite ride was Batman and Ty's was Tony Hawk. I love the first photo of Drew and Joey - Drew's holding a preztel and Joe has his in his mouth. We were all exhausted when we left!

Sky Zone

Yesterday a couple of my girlfriends from school and I took our kids to Sky Zone in Chesterfield. The big boys played dodge ball and jumped and Drew and his friend, Colby, jumped in the little trampoline area.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

So Sleepy

This is how much Drew and Eva loved their foam fingers